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Dental Practice Transitions is the first and only place you need to go when you're considering selling, buying or valuing a dental practice.

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Dental Practice Transitions And Brokerage

Dental Practice Transitions specializes in the sale, merger, and purchase of dental practices. Our Transition Team can assist you with purchasing a dental practice, selling your dental business, or combining dental practices. In addition, we give practice appraisals. Please read our guarantee to you, testimonials from previous clients, highlighted listings, or contact us for additional information.

A network of skilled, experienced, and dependable independent brokers and consultants. Our organization has forty-five voting members. Our dental brokers have over 30 years of experience. Members are chosen based on their honesty, high standards, skill, and knowledge.


Our purpose is to represent you with honesty and respect in order to reduce the emotional and financial risks associated with selling or acquiring a dental business. We will use our real estate and practice management specialists to assist you in all areas of your move, from valuation opinions to delicate negotiations to communicating with your team members.

Dental Practice Transitions And Brokerage​
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a buyer acquires your practice for a pre-determined fee. A potential retiree would benefit from a very short transition period, which normally lasts three months. The seller may offer to work part-time to assist the buyer, employees, and patients with the transition.


A specified buyer purchases a set percentage of the practice for a certain negotiated price. In this situation, dental practice transitions will do a personality assessment in addition to a practice analysis to assure compatibility.

Associate to buy-in

A group of colleagues courted a possible buyer to buy-in over a set length of time, road-mapping the ease of transfer. Rather than making judgments on the future of the practice, this gives time to examine compatibility; and ownership distribution. 


Associates are easy to locate, and this path allows you to keep complete control over the transition. Everything is agreed from the start and  expectations are often not realized by both sides,  and only 20% effective.


Joining two dental practices to form one business with equal partnership is a tried-and-true strategy as long as compatibility is proven beforehand and duties and income are evenly split and agreed.


This option transfers most of the practice to a larger entity, often a DSO or a group, with the goal of gradually transitioning out of your dental practice and handing over clinical responsibility to the buyer.

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